Corporate Daycare Center

Ten Bears personnel participated in this fast-track VCP project from the initial, due-diligence property assessments through remedial construction. The owner developed the property, located near downtown Wilmington, into a daycare center with below-grade parking, necessitating bulk excavation that included environmentally impacted soils. As a result, Ten Bears personnel contracted for the remedial excavation, as well as the bulk excavation for the building project.

Ten Bears personnel oversaw multiple remedial contractors and acted as liaison between DNREC and the owner. Pre-remedial site investigations identified debris fill soils that contained several heavy metals, petroleum, and PAHs. As is typical of any subsurface project, several conditions were uncovered during excavation that were not encountered by site investigation, including underground storage tanks and buried asbestos-containing materials. Based on our experience with similar projects, Ten Bears personnel had previously notified certified removal contractors to be prepared to handle such contingencies. As a result, potential production delays and associated expenses were minimized.

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