Newark Lumber

Ten Bears personnel provided environmental evaluation and remedial construction management services to facilitate the re-development of this Brownfield site into a mixed use, residential / commercial complex. This former lumber and coal yard was addressed under Delaware’s Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP). The primary contaminants driving remediation were arsenic, PAHs, and petroleum in shallow site soils. Ten Bears personnel worked closely with State regulators to develop and implement a site remediation program that balanced community concerns with those of the developer and former owner. Based on the location and types of contaminants, a cover or capping system with selective removal of contaminant “hot spots” was the selected remedial alternative. Ten Bears personnel managed the remedial construction, coordinating the activities of several remedial contractors. Ten Bears personnel developed an innovative approach to capping the impacted soils to limit remedial costs. Based on the large area of impacted soils, estimated costs for capping the soils in place approached those for off-site removal. Also, requirements imposed by the State of Delaware for including a minimum of 1.5 feet of soil in any proposed cover system would have necessitated re-entering the City of Newark’s development approval process for revised grading. Our solution was to excavate the impacted soils and place them beneath the proposed building footprint. Relatively soft soils were removed from beneath the building location prior to placement and compaction of the impacted soils. The result improved the structural stability of the soils supporting the building foundations, as well as reducing overall project costs and accelerating the schedule for construction.

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