Remedial Excavation – Newark, New Jersey

Ten Bears personnel developed specifications and contracted for the remedial and bulk foundation excavation for a fast-tracked, approximately $2,300,000 remedial action near downtown Newark, New Jersey. The design of the building, which covered the majority of a city block, included below-grade parking, necessitating the removal of approximately 60,000 tons of soils, including approximately 40,000 tons of environmentally regulated historical fills.

Despite time constraints, Ten Bears personnel developed a program through additional evaluation that considerably reduced the volume of excavation for off-site disposal of impacted soils providing significant cost saving to the project owner. Based on the investigation and follow-up construction monitoring, Ten Bears personnel successfully limited the excavation of regulated soils to an average depth of approximately 10 feet (from a previously estimated 25 feet). Additional soils excavated for foundation construction were reused off-site as unregulated soil fill, also at a greatly reduced cost.

To meet project schedule requirements, remedial excavation began prior to completion of building foundation design. Ten Bears personnel worked closely with the owner, construction manager, and design team to participate in design changes as the remediation proceeded. Although faced with foundation excavation depths as great as 20 feet and changing design parameters, Ten Bears personnel implemented strategies to maintain the stability of excavation sidewalls while minimizing expensive shoring, resulting in substantial cost savings to the owner. The remedial excavation was turned over to the foundation contractor on time and under budget.

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