Environmental Site Assessments (Phases I and II)

Ten Bears personnel have prepared hundreds of Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) for buyers, sellers, developers, government, and lending institutions. All of Ten Bears full-time staff described in the attached resumes meet the definition of an “Environmental Professional” (EP) per the ASTM standards for Phase I and Phase I Environmental Site Assessments.

Our company philosophy regarding Phase I ESAs is simple – No project will be automatically referred for further evaluation. If recognized environmental concerns are identified during the initial stages of an evaluation, it is our policy to notify our client as soon as practicable in order to provide an opportunity to either stop the assessment (and cut costs) or to refocus our services. This may allow money that would be ordinarily spent on completing a separate Phase I Report to be apportioned to a Phase II sampling effort and producing a document combining both phases. Ten Bears will consult with the client to develop a cost-effective approach to assessing and addressing that particular condition in a way that meets the clients needs.

Example Projects:

Ten Bears Environmental assisted a large bank client with assessing potential
environmental risks associated with its acquisition of a smaller bank. Our client
was seeking to strengthen their presence in Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia by
acquiring a smaller bank with 56 branch offices in the mid-Atlantic region. The client
engaged the Ten Bears project team to evaluate the location, condition, and quantity of
hazardous and regulated materials at each of the 56 branch offices in preparation for their
proposed renovations. Each of the 56 bank branches were evaluated within a period of
approximately one month to meet the aggressive schedule required by the client.
When Delaware sought to create a National Park and the President wanted to make the announcement as soon as possible, Ten Bears Environmental was selected to lead the due-diligence effort on the final pieces of the multi-site puzzle. Ten Bears Environmental completed the assessments on budget and ahead of schedule, coordinating schedules with subcontractors and maintaining numerous lines of communication to keep all stakeholders apprised of findings as they developed and their needs met for developing complex transactional agreements as the work progressed.
Ten Bears completed an environmental due diligence assessment of an automobile filling station located in Selbyville, Delaware on behalf of a financial lender. In addition to the standard practices of a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), the due diligence assessment included review of historical environmental compliance information pertaining to the facility on file with the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, Tank Management Branch (DNREC-TMB). Based on the information reviewed, Ten Bears assisted the lender with evaluating potential environmental risks / liabilities associated with the property.