Underground Storage Tank (UST) Projects

Example Projects:

After performing Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments for the multiple properties comprising this site, Ten Bears personnel developed cost estimates and provided field review for the segregation and disposal of petroleum soils excavated for construction. Excavation of petroleum soils was necessitated by the construction of below-grade parking resulting in excavation depths as great as 40 feet. To minimize the volume of soil requiring special handling and disposal, Ten Bears personnel provided in the field guidance for segregation of petroleum soils encountered during excavation. In addition, Ten Bears personnel provided closure documentation for seven underground storage tanks removed during the excavation.
Ten Bears Environmental assisted the State of Delaware, Office of Management and Budget, Division of Facilities Management with the removal of underground storage tanks, ranging from less than 1,000-gallon to 10,000-gallon capacity, at several government-owned properties. Ten Bears prepared technical specifications and bid documents, attended pre-bid meetings, and reviewed bid submittals to assist the State of Delaware with contractor procurement. Ten Bears also was responsible for coordinating the removals and providing in-the-field project oversight, including review of exposed conditions for potential environmental impairments. Ten Bears prepared reports documenting the UST-removal activities and associated laboratory analysis results for submittal to the State of Delaware, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, Tank Management Section.