Wetland Delineations and Permitting

Example Projects:

This proposed remote tractor-trailer filling station required filling state and federally-regulated tidal wetlands. Ten Bears completed wetland delineation and prepared permits for submittal to the United States Army Corps of Engineers and DNREC. We also developed wetland mitigation plans approved by the USACOE
On behalf of the New Castle Conservation District, Ten Bears completed an assessment and developed rehabilitation recommendations for a pond in a residential subdivision. The neighborhood association appealed to the Conservation District for help due to repeated algal blooms clogging outlet structure and the generally poor aesthetic quality of the pond. Based on a visual and plan review and targeted sampling for laboratory analysis, Ten Bears determined that nutrient-laden runoff was generating conditions favorable for the algal blooms. Ten Bears presented these findings in a report to the Conservation District, as well as to a meeting of the neighborhood association. The neighborhood was provided a range of options to address the conditions creating the nutrient problems.